Oral Cleanings

Types of Cleanings

Your dentist will prescribe the type and frequency of cleaning or periodontal therapy you need based on your diagnosis. To treat the areas above and below the gum line we offer three basic types of procedures:

Prophy: Patients diagnosed with a healthy mouth condition receive a prophylaxis or healthy mouth cleaning — the kind that most insurance companies cover. This procedure removes plaque on the teeth and at the gum line.

Full Mouth Debridement: Patients diagnosed with gingivitis, the only reversible form of periodontal disease, typically require a full mouth debridement to remove build-up on the teeth so a full assessment can be conducted. Afterward, many patients return to a healthy mouth condition.

Scaling & Root Planing (SRP): Patients diagnosed with active periodontal disease cannot benefit from a healthy mouth cleaning because they require treatment above and below the gum line. These patients generally receive SRP, a non-surgical treatment that removes build-up, smooths out exposed root surfaces and usually includes the application of laser therapy or localized antibiotics. SRP often takes several visits to complete and ongoing periodontal maintenance is prescribed at regular intervals afterward.

Periodontal Disease

A beautiful smile begins with a strong foundation of healthy gums. Early detection and treatment of periodontal disease can help most people to preserve their teeth for a lifetime. SmileCare offers a comprehensive periodontal disease prevention and treatment program because a solid foundation of healthy gums is essential to protecting your investment in enhancements such as crowns, bridges, partials, veneers and professional whitening.

Home Care Products

InteliSonic Sterling Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer
InteliSonic Sterling Sonic Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer

To help you maintain healthy teeth, gums and a bright, beautiful smile, SmileCare offers a variety of professional home care products that can help you maintain good oral health in-between office visits.  Included is a variety of toothbrushes, toothpastes, fluorides, teeth whitening and other oral health products.


Your child’s teeth begin forming before your child is even born.   Baby teeth, just like permanent teeth, need to be kept clean and healthy or they can decay.  SmileCare’s pedodontists have gone through several years of additional training so they can treat their young patients with extra care and knowledge.

We recommend children first visit a dentist when they are two.  At this age, the dentist will check for problems and will guide parents on best practices for helping the child maintain good oral health.  Children should visit the dentist every six months, just like adults, to ensure no cavities are forming. By age six, your child’s molars and other permanent teeth are starting to come in.  Just as their bodies are changing physically as they reach the pre-teen and teenage years, so are their oral health needs.  As your child grows, our pedodontists will be there to advise whether a referral to an orthodontist is needed and what you and your child can do to ensure that your child’s permanent teeth will form a beautiful and healthy smile that can last a lifetime.

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